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Terra Loch: Drought Soil Reinforcement Keeps Soil and Plants Alive Root Stimulant

Terra Loch: Drought Soil Reinforcement Keeps Soil and Plants Alive Root Stimulant

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Terraloch Cellulose-based hydrogel granules work by absorbing water and nutrients when available, and releasing them in drought conditions.

This product needs to be added to the root system.
Should not be applied topically.
Product Highlights: 

  • Plant-based cellulose hydrogel derived from substances such as banana peels 
  • Designed solely for agricultural production in high temperatures and poor soil conditions
  • Drastically reduces water requirements for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Works well in high heat conditions (over 120-deg)
  • Resists degradation by salt-based fertilizer
  • 1lb covers a 100sq-ft garden when tilled into top 4-6" of soil 

This product adds soil resilience and nutrient uptake for the roots of your plants .

Potted Plants: 
Remove the top 4 inches of soil on an average 8 inch diameter pot.
Mix 1-3 tsp of granules into this top 4 inches of soil. 
You will need to place the plant into the pot and add soil mixture surrounding the entire root system of plant.

In the Ground
One unit (16oz bag) will cover 72 square feet of soil worked into the root zone. This would be ideal for prepping the soil for planting new plants. 

Existing Plants  
Poke a hole to the root zone of plant and pour 1-3 tea tsp of granules in the hole. When you water the soil you will be charging the granules and activating its intended properties to help boosts your soils nutrients and water content.


What is TerraLoch?

TerraLoch Cellulose-Based Hydrogel Granules promote healthy and lush gardens by providing a moisture buffer for plants and soil microbes during drought conditions! These granules work by absorbing water and nutrients when available and releasing them to the root zone in drought conditions. Cellulose, derived from substances such as banana peels, offers a more environmentally conscious solution to water and nutrient retention than fully synthetic hydrogels, also known as “water beads” or “water crystals.” TerraLoch is especially effective in high soil temperatures up to 120+ degrees Fahrenheit. Developed solely for agricultural use in high temperatures and sandy soils, TerraLoch is your solution to beat the heat! 

 Available for sale in AZ, AR, CO, KS, LA, NE, NV, NM, TX, UT, VA 

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