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Who We Are

AquaLoch, LLC is a company owned and operated by military veterans who understand the importance of good stewardship.  We specialize in water and nutrient retention solutions for all growers, and we bring that knowledge to the regenerative agricultural movement through strategic partnerships.  Our goal is to save water and nutrients, increase soil and crop performance, and help growers over-achieve their goals.

The Power of Unified Diversity

AquaLoch, LLC brings the knowledge, insights, and product solutions of diverse and unified teams to solve your growing problems.  Cellulose-based hydrogels, nutrient-dense seed coatings, unique plant protection solutions, liquid biostimulants, and quality vermicast products are just a few of the products we offer.

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The Best Holistic Solution Provider

AquaLoch, Elevate AG, ABS Corporation, Elm Dirt, COATS Agri-Aloe, and Hill Country Organics combine to provide the best holistic solutions to growers.  We start with a bottom-up approach; regenerating and optimizing your soils, maximizing the performance of your plants, and ultimately realizing cost savings.  Whether farming, gardening, or landscaping, we have you covered!

Healthy Soil Leads to a Healthy Planet

In partnership with
Elevate AG of Herington 
ABS Corporation of Omaha Nebraska,
Elm Dirt of Grandview, MO,
COATS Agri-Aloe of Garland, TX,

& Hill Country Organics of Boerne, TX,

AquaLoch, LLC is able to offer high quality, affordable, and incredibly effective regenerative agricultural products.  

Our goal is to help a range of customers achieve their goals, create a healthier planet, and increase growers' bottom line.  

We look forward to working with you!


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