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Low Crawler Castings 4 LB of Pure Organic Worm Castings

Low Crawler Castings 4 LB of Pure Organic Worm Castings

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100% Pure Organic Worm Castings

What is low Crawler Worm Castings?

Low Crawler Castings are 100% pure organic worm manure,
i.e., poop!, that contain a great balance of micro- and
macro-nutrients, beneficial microbes and enzymes, and
humic acid. All of these substances put together ensure your
soil is fertilized and optimally primed for plant growth and
nutrient delivery for a majority of the growing season!

Does it improve plant performance?

YES! Low Crawler Castings are a premium fertilizer for
plants that bring high quality nutrients and biology to plants
and improve your soil at the same time. Low Crawler
Castings promote strong growth and lush plants!

How are Low Crawler Castings used?

Low Crawler Castings can be mixed into any growing
medium, giving it a nutrient and biological boost. They can
also be applied to a lawn to enhance turf growth and
vibrance, and they can also be used to make worm casting
tea with AquaLoch’s VermiLoch Worm Casting Tea Brew Kit!

Ultimate Fertilizer with Unparalleled Quality

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