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Super Cast- Soil Rejuvenator : Bring Dead Soil Back to Life Activate Plant Root Systems Microbial soil activity

Super Cast- Soil Rejuvenator : Bring Dead Soil Back to Life Activate Plant Root Systems Microbial soil activity

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Aqua Loch worm cast blend of organic humus material used to stimulate the Essential microbial activity in soil . 

Product Highlights


  • Made with OMRI listed Organic worm castings
  • Utilizes a stimulation pack that contains plant-based cellulose hydrogel, high quality blackstrap molasses powder, and clinoptilolite zeolite powder
  • Provides quality nutrients, food for biology, filter of toxins, and a highly effective water and nutrient management capability for your soil
  • 1/2lb (8oz) treats a ~16sq-ft garden
  • Works in all soil types
  • Mix 1:5 for sandy soils, 1:10 for biologically deficient soils, or 1:20 to give well balanced soils a significant boost!
  • Designed, tested, and fulfilled by AquaLoch's team of U.S. Veterans continuing their service in agriculture

You have the options to use this product as needed relating to the current soils condition.

How much SuperCast Do I need? : 

5:1 for soil that sandy and dead and needs to be revived
Supercast ratio for Soil Rejuvenation
10: 1 for soil that is unbalanced and needs boost. 
Supercast ratio for Soil Refreshing
20:1 for soil that is well balanced and nourished but need microbial boost and water retention boost. 
Supercast Ration for Soil Super Boosting


SuperCast is “Regen Ag in a Bag!” Whether you want to bring your dead soil to life, or boost productivity of your current mix, SuperCast is your solution for plant growth stimulation. This novel product brings tried and true ingredients from the regenerative agricultural community right to the gardener, landscaper, DIYer, etc! SuperCast takes Elevate AG’s organic worm castings which are loaded with beneficial microbes and bacteria, and combines them with a separate stimulation pack (found in the bag). By utilizing a “stim” pack, SuperCast maximizes product effectiveness by putting the time and place of product activation where it should be, in the hands of the grower. This combination provides the tool that will supercharge soil biology, enhance plant performance, and keep gardens looking bountiful and healthy! 

 Available for sale in AZ, AR, CO, KS, NE, NV, NM, TX, and UT. 

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