VermiLoch Worm Casting Tea Brew Kit

VermiLoch Worm Casting Tea Brew Kit
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The VermiLoch Worm Casting Tea Brew Kit allows growers to brew their own fertilizer and biostimulant derived from one of the most beneficial substances for soil, worm poop! Worm poop is packed with beneficial nutrients, enzymes, and fungi that put biology and structure right into your soil. The VermiLoch WCT Brew Kit brews those substances out of the solid castings, supercharges them with the included stimulation packs, and enables the grower to transform their soils into a healthier and more biologically active growing medium!


Each kit contains enough contents to make 10 gallons of tea, or equivalent to two (2) brews. 


Application Rates:

Garden: Spray one (1) gallon per 400 sq-ft, or use to root drench

Lawn: Mix two (2) gallons of VermiLoch with two (2) gallons of filtered water, spray on (1) acre one (1) week after fertilizer application

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(1) 6-gallon bucket 

(1) Aerator Pump

(1) Plastic Hose

(1) Aerator Ring

(4) 1lb bags of organic worm castings

(2) Stim Pack #1

(2) Stim Pack #2

(2) Packages of Mesh Sacks w/ 2 bags each

(1) Mesh Sack Holder

(1) Set of Directions


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